Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Do you know what we do on our website WifiDTH? Do you know how we collect visitor information on our website WifiDTH? Do you have a right to know where do we use your personal data? Is our website not sharing user data with anyone? We are going to answer all these questions in this privacy form.

When you open any website, then you get a notification to subscribe to this blog. When all blogs online have a notification button, similarly our blog also has a notification button. Subscribing this button acts as a notification message to the user whenever there is a new article posted on the WifiDTH website. Then you get the message on your mobile through the notification button.

When you enable the information button, then some information is asked from you, such as name, email, and URL, you can fill the form with your consent. You can also open our website without name, email, and URL.

What do we collect on our website?

We use Google Adsense on our website. This is a third-party system that displays advertisements on our website. Google displays advertisements according to user’s preferences using cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small file that is saved in all browsers such as your mobile, computer, and tablet. Through these cookies, Google shows advertisements as per the user’s preference.

How to secure our data?

When you fill your personal information, we secure your data, we do not share your data with anyone.

What is our privacy policy?

We can change the privacy policy of our website at any time when we make any change in our privacy policy, then you will be informed through the message. This Privacy policy has been created 18/12/2019

Terms and Condition

You can read our confidential policy on our website privacy page.

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